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Don't pause your life to clean your car

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Express Package
Time duration: 45min-1hr

This package is designed to be for your everyday driver who likes to keep their vehicle clean but just does not have the time. It is quick and thorough but leaves your vehicle looking great by performing a surface detail. Typically, this is for vehicles that are always on the go that do not require heavy duty cleaning.

Deluxe Package
Time duration: 2-3hrs

This package is designed for the customer who have a little more focus on the exterior of the vehicle. With the addition of an exterior decontamination and application of three month wax protection via machine polisher, this ensures longer lasting shine and extended paint life.

Diamond Package
Time duration:4-5hrs

This package is designed for customers wanting to give their vehicle a compete one eighty degree makeover. We understand that sometimes we aren’t able to keep up with our vehicles so we offer a computer package in and out. By completely disinfecting and sanitizing while applying a six month exterior paint protection to your vehicle we guarantee you will be happy with the results!

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DITCH your Local Car Wash
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Experienced and highly professional team
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Fleet Detailing & Pressure Washing

Prepare to Uncover
how your car should REALLY look

We are a team of passionate auto detailers from Humble, Texas.

Paint Correction & Protection
Removing the imperfections

Paintwork is properly cleaned and decontaminated to remove dust, debris and industrial fallout.

Interior Clean & Protect
Stain Removal

Fine steam cleaning and inner dressings with lightly scented, environmentally friendly and biodegradable soaps.

Odor Removal
& Full Shampoo

Non-masking extraction of spilled liquids, food, smoke, sweat and pet stench in fabric, rugs and carpet.

Pet Hair Removal
& Lint and Fuzz

Lift, gather and remove pet fur and small particles from rugs, carpet and other textured surfaces.

Headlights & Glass

Minor scratch, cloud and chip removal, dim bulb replacement and repair of hazy lenses and plastic surfaces.

Engine Bay Detail
& Tire Dressing

Degreasing, dirt & grime removal and low-pressure washing, drying and dressing of rubber, plastic, clear coated and painted surfaces.

Third Coast Auto Detailing

Established in June 2016, Third Coast Auto Detailing, also known as Third Coast Detailing or Third Coast Mobile Detailing, has effortlessly evolved in the sense that we have the know how to provide our customers with industry leading services and products. We have the knowledge to not only provide a great service but make it a point to educate our customers on how to maintain their vehicles and protect their investment. Third Coast Detailing not only offers auto detailing for exotics, but also for daily drivers, truck fleets and industrial automotive. We extend our services tailored to individuals, corporations, small businesses and apartment complexes and we help you live an uninterrupted life by bringing our services directly to you.

Who Are We

We, Daniel Arroyo, Gerardo Castillo and Jose Carranco were first inspired by the fact that we could interact with customers and offer them a higher quality product and all around excellent experience. We strive to make it as easy as possible! The thing that makes us uniquely qualified to serve you is that we come from the very fast paced world of aviation and wind energy where we also used to perform some these very same services. The difference is the amount of attention to detail that aviation demands from a person.

Why We Care

We love being able to interact with our customers and when we deliver their finished vehicle, their reactions are priceless. At the end of the day, we are working to make sure we put a smile on your face and make sure you know we put forth 100% into the value of your vehicle. Mobile detailing is not just a service or job to us. Detailing is our passion. Your satisfaction is what truly drives us and our success is what keeps you moving forward, uninterrupted.

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We combine the best of our skills and resources to present to you services really worth your attention that will change the way you see and drive your car.


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Daniel was awesome! He came to my job and was so polite and professional. My car looked amazing when he was done. I passed out his business card to all of my co-workers. Highly recommend this business. 🙂

Elle Craves, Texas (via FACEBOOK)
Third Coast Mobile Detailing Humble Texas Third Coast Auto Detailing 5 Star Yelp Facebook Rating Reviews.fw

Daniel and Jerry are not your average detailing service guys. They strive for excellence and take pride in their craft. The process Itself would be comparable to that of a surgeon. Demonstrated immense attention to detail and providing quality work has satisfied and surpassed my expectation. When people are passing by to ask or even look for a number to call shows how hard they implement the process of their craftsmanship. I would highly recommend this service especially if you have kids.

Saul Pedraza Jr., (via FACEBOOK REVIEWS)
Third Coast Mobile Detailing Humble Texas Third Coast Auto Detailing 5 Star Yelp Facebook Rating Reviews.fw

Great experience with Third Coast Detailing’s work. I was referred to them by my mother after they did a fantastic job detailing her SUV and I am very thankful that she did refer them because they were very professional, showed up to my house at the time that they committed, very communicative and did a very good job detailing my car. These guys are also very thorough and have great attention to detail which I am a stickler for. I highly recommend these guys for any mobile detailing needs.

Joel D., Richmond, TX (via YELP)

Our Most Recent Details

We love what we do!

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Shiny vs. Clean + Wash vs. Detail

Your car may be shiny, but it's not necessarily clean!

There’s a difference between washing and cleaning. Paint cleaning is a process of removing oxidation and bonded contamination. Your car’s paint, although shiny, may be extremely dirty! The best way to inspect whether or not your car is actually clean is to use your hands, not your eyes. After washing, feel the car with your fingers. A truly clean car will feel smooth like satin.

  • Detailing Clay;

  • Pre-wax Polishing;

  • Clear Coating;

  • UV Protection.

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